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Since we first opened our doors, we have expanded our range of services, giving our patients the convenience of having all their health needs under one roof. In the comfort of our convenient location, let our calm, caring, and compassionate staff assist you with your health needs.

*Formerly Connect Health and Community

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Our Bentleigh East location offers the following services:

Our experienced in-house team of integrated allied health professionals provides therapeutic support and capacity building services to help you live a healthy, happy and independent life.  Consultations can take place over the phone, via video conference or face-to-face in the comfort of your home or at our clinic.

Services include:  Occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, dietetics, podiatry and allied health assistance.  To make an appointment call 132 246 (132 BHN) Or Get More Info

You can receive social work services through a Case Management approach if you have complex and multiple needs.  Case management professionals maintain ongoing contact with clients, ensuring appropriate, accessible and co-ordinated services are available to meet their needs, with the goal of improving their quality of life.  Advocacy, timeliness of interventions and self-management are the key features of case management.  To make an appointment call 132 246 (132 BHN).

Each child’s development is different, and in some cases can be slowed or look different in one or more areas.  BHN’s child development specialists are here to help you understand your child’s current level of development and discover strategies to support their ongoing progress.  Services include occupational therapy, speech pathology, psychology and physiotherapy.

We invite family members and caregivers of our differently-abled clients to get involved in a range of carer support opportunities.  These activities promote the health and wellbeing of the exceptional community of carers who devote themselves to caring for others.  Enquire now on (03) 8587 0250.

Better Health Network offers confidential counselling and psychology services to help children and adults experiencing problems or challenges in their lives. We offer individual and group support, as well as specific programs, and can refer clients to group activities to help with anxiety, relaxation and addiction.

We offer quality, low-cost dental care, including check-ups, emergency care, fillings, x-rays and dentures.  The service is free for children 0-12 years with Health Care, Pension Card or Medicare Child Dental Benefit schedule or there is a small fee if none applies.  Youth 13-17 are free with Health Care, Pension Card or Medical Child Dental Benefit Schedule and Adults require a Health Care or Pension Card to access the service. More Info

We offer a range of group activities to support health and wellbeing that can provide the added benefit of socialising with friends. Groups include Pilates, gentle exercise, strength training, better balance, water exercise (hydrotherapy), Tai Chi, relaxation, community kitchen, healthy cooking and many more.

Injury treatment and rehabilitation can be supported by exercising in a heated pool.  Warm water supports the body, improves stability, stimulates circulation, reduces pain and provides strength training resistance.  Hydrotherapy can also provide psychological benefits through relaxation caused by warmth and weightlessness and increased self-confidence, that boost health and wellbeing. More Info

Social Support Groups provide fun and friendship through centre-based activities and community outings. There are a range of groups on offer including general socialisation, picnics, outings, gardening, cooking, walking, gentle exercise and more. Our groups are for the elderly and younger people with dementia or disability.

Through our Gambler’s Help Southern program we offer free, confidential support to those experiencing gambling harm – either through their gambling or that of a loved one.  Supporting individuals, couples, families and groups, our qualified team offers harm prevention, education and treatment through qualified financial and therapeutic counsellors.  We also provide education in schools, community groups and gambling venues. Call 03 9575 5353. Or Get More Info

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a specialised service for people who have experienced a cardiac event, heart failure or require assistance to minimise their risk of a cardiac event.

Our Community Nursing Service helps people with complex or chronic health problems maximise their health potential and wellbeing.  The service aims to prevent further health complications by improving better access to health care and assisting behaviour change to improve lifestyle choices and health status.  We do this by working in an integrated multidisciplinary health care team focussed on providing coordinated person-centred care. More Info

BHN offers family violence services including counselling, advocacy and support to those who experience, witness or have been exposed to family violence.  Our offering includes women’s family violence counselling, children’s family violence counselling and a men’s behaviour change program.

A healthy diet is critical for food health.  Our dietitians assist and motivate people to make lifestyle changes to improve health or manager medical conditions through sensile eating and exercise. More Info

Our physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through exercise, physical therapy and education.  From improving strength and flexibility to treating injures or chronic pain, we work with people of all ages.  Group activities run by our physiotherapist are also available, including Pilates, better balance, strength training and more. More Info