Gambler’s Help Southern

Are you struggling with gambling? Gambler’s Help Southern, a program of BHN, offers free, confidential services to help prevent or reduce the negative impacts of gambling on individuals, families and the community. Gambler’s Help Southern’s free, confidential therapeutic and financial counselling services support those experiencing the negative impacts of gambling (their own or someone else’s).


Since 1995, Gambler’s Help Southern offers:

The struggle is real

Gambling harm can range from feelings of guilt or regret, to extreme outcomes like bankruptcy, mental health impacts and family violence.

What does gambling harm look like?

  • Keeping your gambling secret
  • Needing to borrow money or loan it to a mate
  • Feeling pressure to place a bet before a game or race
  • Struggling with mental health
  • Feeling stressed, angry or guilty about money lost
  • Taking your frustration out on others

Call us on (03) 9575 5353 if you are concerned about someone you care about or would like to discuss your gambling.

It’s not just you

Every year more than half a million Victorians experience some form of gambling harm.  In 2018, Australians spent a massive $25 billion on gambling – more than was spent on alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs combined.

About Gambler’s Help Southern

Everyone experiencing gambling-related harm – including family and friends – can receive free and confidential support.

We offer one-on-one, couple, family and group counselling with trained counsellors and psychologists.

Where are we?

Gambler’s Help Southern has 13 locations across Bayside, south-east Melbourne and the Peninsula.  You can call us and visit our website 24/7. Help is closer than you think.

How can a counsellor help?

Dealing with gambling problems on your own can be difficult.  It can help to talk to someone independent. Our aim is to support you as you discuss the reasons for your problems with gambling and work with you to make changes.

What is a financial counsellor?

Financial problems caused by gambling can be tough to deal with. Our financial counsellors can help you make sense of your finances and negotiate affordable repayment plans with your creditors.


There is no charge for our services.

Is the service only for local residents or workers?

It doesn’t where you live in Melbourne, we will support you.

Can you provide interpreters?

Yes, we are here for you.

Contact us

For a booking or to make an enquiry:

Call: (03) 9575 5353



After hours: 1800 858 858 (24/7)

Self Help tools

Perhaps you would like to try some online tools as a first step?

The Reset App  (

A tool to help you better understand and manage your gambling. Whether you want to quit or cut back on gambling.

100 Day Challenge ( )

100 ways to help you change your relationship with gambling.