Community Transport

Community Transport provides transport to and from key appointments.

Since 1975, we have provided safe and reliable door-to-door transportation for our community.

The purpose of community transport is to assist people who are unable to use private or public transportation and have no relatives or friends to help them out.

Priority of Access

• Requests for service are prioritised according to demand.
• Eligibility does not necessarily guarantee access to service.
• Medical appointments are a priority
• Regular transport to appointments, even to BHN services, are not guaranteed each week

All transport is dependent on the availability of Volunteer drivers.

Once your Registration Forms are completed and lodged with BHN you are automatically registered for transport.

• The service operates Monday to Friday for appointment times between 9am and 4pm, except for Public Holidays.
• We provide transport from your home to your appointment and back home.
• Please note that our drivers must return to the office before 5pm, so we may not be able to bring you back home if you have a late appointment.

For all transport enquiries, appointments and cancellations please call (03) 9575 5386.

If the phone is unattended, please leave a message with your appointment details including:
• Your full name
• Date of appointment
• Time of appointment
• Full destination addresses and name of service going to e.g. GP name, Hospital, Medical Centre
• Appointment duration

– Requests for transport should be made as soon as you have an appointment booked that you require transport for.

– Requests must be received no later than midday Wednesday, the week prior to your appointment.

– We will confirm if we can meet your request by Thursday the week before your appointment.

To access Community Transport complete the form here OR call (03) 9575 5386.