Towards Size Inclusive at BHN – Share your experience

At BHN, we are committed to being an organisation that embraces and celebrates the diversity of all individuals.

We want to hear from our community to learn how we can improve our services so people in all body sizes receive inclusive and friendly healthcare services.

We have created a survey so that people can share their healthcare experience with us.

Complete the survey here:

Our Health Promotion team has been working towards a size inclusive approach to health promotion since 2021.

This work resulted in the development and launch of the Towards Size Inclusive Health Promotion resource which has garnered interest from the health and wellbeing sector across Australia and New Zealand.

Our work in this area has prompted us to reflect on how weight stigma shows up in healthcare and we want to do better as a healthcare organisation to ensure we are as inclusive and accessible as possible.

If you have any questions about this work, don’t hesitate to contact

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