Holter Heart Monitor

BHN is now offering portable Holter heart rhythm monitoring as part of our GP service.

The Holter service enables clients with heart issues to be fitted with a small, wearable device that records heart rhythms over a 24 hour period for deeper analysis and treatment planning. This enables detection of rhythms that might not appear in a typical 5 minute echocardiogram (ECG) test.

The new service makes heart monitoring more accessible to clients, as it can be fitted at our clinic on the day of the initial appointment and bulk-billed.  They no longer require referral to private cardiologists with time delays and specialists costs for fittings and analysis.

After a client wears the monitor for 24 hours, their data is analysed by a cardiologist with a report provided to our GPs for management.

The service is available from our South Melbourne GP practice.

For more information, or an appointment, call 131 246 (131 BHN).