Smoking Cessation

BHN provides a free service for anyone who wants to address their smoking habit. We can provide you with a number of options for reducing or quitting smoking so you can live a healthier life.

Accessing Smoking Cessation help

Better Health Network provides a FREE smoking cessation service for anyone wanting support, information, education or to be empowered in making decisions to address smoking.

The service includes education around medications relating to giving up smoking as part of a counselling service. We also provide up-to-date education around the safety and responsibility relating to vaping.

This service is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Individual counselling service is available at: Prahran, South Melbourne, and St Kilda offices.

We are committed to providing a flexible service that is available to anyone in the community needing our service: Face to face appointments are preferred for initial consults, telehealth and/or telephone options are also available.

Individual Counselling

You will have the opportunity to speak with a trained smoking cessation facilitator in a safe space, who can support you to either reduce harm from smoking, give up smoking or provide you with the information to better prepare you for a time later when you are ready.

With a counsellor you can:

  • Set clear goals at a manageable pace.
  • Get the support you need, which can reduce frustration and increase chances of success (2 to 3 times higher than when going alone!).
  • Become more comfortable in making healthier and safer choices.
  • Discover new ways of managing stress differently.
  • Learn about nicotine addiction and the treating medications
  • Develop fresh ways to master habits when facing repetitive smoking patterns.
  • Gain skills to work with negative thoughts and feelings which allow you to enjoy an experience of being smoke free.

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To request an appointment call 132 246 (132 BHN) or visit our Service Selector.

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