Active living and movement

Humans Moving

People move their bodies in all sorts of ways for all sorts of reasons. We are gathering and sharing stories about how, where, and why people move. We want to understand what gets people moving and any barriers they may face and use this to challenge stigma and norms about physical activity by collecting and sharing stories about the ways a diverse range of people move.

Healthy and Inclusive Sports Clubs

Community sport, clubs and other organized sports settings can contribute to community resilience, improved mental health, social connection, and encourage enjoyable movement for everyone. We are working with sports clubs to take a whole-of-club approach to promote inclusive, accessible, and welcoming sports clubs for all.

We are supporting sports clubs with:


Our Health Promotion team also works with sport, recreation, and leisure settings on inclusion, accessibility, and health and well-being.

This Girl Can

This Girl Can is a state-wide campaign celebrates and supports women to embrace movement in a way that suits them. BHN is a supporter of This Girl Can and delivers a localized campaign during This Girl Can week that highlights stories of local women in sport. We want to celebrate and elevate all women and girls – those that walk to work, that take on a challenge, and that keep our sports clubs running.