Needle Syringe Programs

Needle Syringe Programs

The BHN needle syringe programs (NSPs) are self-serve with FREE injecting equipment. The NSP allows you to take as much as you want or need.

BHN offers three secondary NSPs that are housed by other health and community services.

The BHN NSPs are located at:

South Melbourne
341 Coventry Street
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240 Malvern Road
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St Kilda
22-28 Fitzroy Street
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Needle Syringe Programs

At BHN NSPs we offer:

  • A variety of 1ml syringes
  • Syringe barrels and needle tips of different sizes
  • Containers for disposal
  • Alcohol wipes/swabs
  • Lube and condoms

Both inside and outside of the main buildings, BHN has disposal bins where injecting waste can be discarded.

Needle Syringe Program Melbourne