Enhanced Non-Residential Withdrawal Service (ENRWS)

We’re proud at BHN to provide our clients with the very best five-star services. We understand that individuals are unique and your needs will differ from those of your friends or neighbours.

In response to the impacts of COVID-19, the Victorian government has funded the Enhanced Non-Residential Withdrawal Service (ENRWS).

About the ENRW

Our team consists of a Nurse Practitioner and Enhanced AOD Practitioner who provide comprehensive assessment and treatment options. By working in partnership with General Practitioners and Allied Health providers, as well as Alcohol and Drug Treatment providers, the specialist service complements other health care providers.

ENRWS Services

As part of a team care arrangement incorporating health care plans, ENRWS can provide quality, evidence-based health care.

Our team can help:

  • Make a request for relevant diagnostic tests
  • Prescribe medications for the treatment of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Initiate direct referrals to specialists and arrange screenings for physical and mental health
  • In the community, manage withdrawal episodes of care
  • Intensive withdrawal or reduction support before, during, and after withdrawal
  • Non-pharmacological and psychosocial supports (such as harm reduction interventions, motivational interviewing)
  • Address psychological, social, and behavioral problems associated with substance dependence and withdrawal through counselling and care coordination during, after, and before withdrawal.


Anyone aged 16 and over seeking reduction or withdrawal from substances and living in or with strong links to Stonnington, Port Phillip, Glen Eira, Bayside, or Kingston.

Operating hours

9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

How to Access

If you would like to discuss how to access the service, please contact:

Lee Kelleher Nurse Practitioner
0437 144 004

Maycon Merlo – Enhanced AOD Practitioner
0423 201 267

The BAOD Central Intake team
1800 229 263