Pharmacotherapy Support

An opioid addiction can be treated with pharmacotherapy, which uses medication (such as Methadone, Suboxone) prescribed by doctors and dispensed by pharmacists.

For people who are at risk of being unable to maintain or access pharmacotherapy, Pharmacotherapy Maintenance and Support Project (PMSP) provides case management and outreach support. PMSP Practitioners are experienced in case management, outreach and counselling.

The program can provide:

  • Support for maintaining pharmacotherapy through case management
  • Support in attending appointments and engaging with health care programs
  • Promotion of outcomes through advocacy and liaison with prescribing GPs, pharmacists and other service providers
  • Information on pharmacotherapy treatment and harm reduction
  • Appointment transportation
  • Support for pharmacotherapy dispensing costs through financial and budgeting assistance


For residents of Port Phillip, Stonnington, Glen Eira, Kingston and Bayside (16 years and older) who:

  • Have had difficulty accessing the pharmacotherapy program in the past
  • Are at risk of losing their place in the pharmacotherapy program
  • Can’t get pharmacotherapy support from others
  • Living with mental and physical health issues, unstable housing, or no housing at all


The pharmacotherapy support worker can be reached at 0434 310 762.