AOD Counselling for Family and Affected Others

BHN offers family and affected-other counselling services in Prahran, South Melbourne, St Kilda and Bentleigh.

Family members play an important role in supporting people with alcohol and drug problems. Balance between one’s own wellbeing and that of the person they are supporting can be challenging for family members.

In response to the needs of families impacted by substance abuse and other related conditions, the Family Alcohol and Other Drug Program offers a variety of complimentary services. Through the program, families are given the opportunity to come together and learn about substance abuse and other related conditions, and to gain the skills to cope with these issues more confidently and effectively.

Counselling is available for individuals, couples and families through the Family AOD Service. The person with the substance use problem can attend if they are comfortable doing so.


Families, friends and others with significant connections to Port Phillip, Stonnington, Glen Eira, Kingston and Bayside.


Call 1800 229 263 or email to contact the Bayside Alcohol and other Drug Service.

Call 1800 906 669 for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex & Queer Alcohol and Drug Services.

Contact BHN directly on 132 246 (132 BHN).