Strength Training

Fitness, balance, flexibility, coordination, and posture can all be improved with strength training. Managing conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, stress, and fatigue can also be achieved.

There are many strength training groups offered across BHN through our Physiotherapy / Exercise Physiology service. We offer personalised programs that allow participants to work at their own pace, to achieve their individual goals.



With a range of programs offered across our many BHN sites, please call us on 132 246 (132 BHN) to find the group that suits you best.


Details of fees can be provided when confirming your group and eligibility. Please phone 132 246 (132 BHN)



This group requires a physiotherapy assessment.


How to join

Get in touch with us at 132 246 (132 BHN) if you have questions or would like to book.