Groups for People with Dementia

We have two outing-based groups for people with early stages of dementia as part of our Social Support Groups program.

People younger than 70 with early stage dementia are in one group, and older people with early stage dementia are in another.

Activities and outings are tailored to meet the interests and needs of clients, while providing a respite for caregivers.


Please call us on 132 246 for available session times and locations.


Dementia patients with early stage diagnoses.


The cost of each session is $25, which covers transport, lunch, and entrance fees.

Accessing the service

Please call 132 246 if you have any questions about the program

My Aged Care refers people over 65 to the service. You can register with My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422 and they will assist you with a referral to us. Alternately, we can assist you with contacting My Aged Care.

For more information about this program if you are under 65, please contact us directly.

As soon as the referral is made, a member of our team will arrange a time to meet. This appointment will be attended by the client, their caregiver and other members of their family or a case manager. Potential clients will be asked to attend this meeting in order to establish their interests, needs, and availability.