Sex Work Industry

The Pathways Program

The Pathways Program is a case management program supporting sex workers who would like to explore alternative work and training opportunities outside the sex industry. The Pathways program was initially funded as a 12 month pilot however this was extended to two years until February 2012 and then extended another 16 months until June 2013. There are two Evaluation Reports available – Phases 1 & 2 and Phase 3. Consumer Affairs Victoria has extended funding for Phase 4 until 30 June 2014.

The SHANTUSI Project

Surveying HIV and need in the unregulated sex industry.

Sex work has been described as the world’s oldest profession. It is also one of the most misunderstood. As part of Star Health’s ongoing commitment to dispelling myths and stereotypes about sex work, and advocating for the health and wellbeing of sex workers, we have published research by Dr James Rowe, RMIT University, into HIV risk and prevalence in Victoria’s unregulated sex industry. The research also provided insights into the social circumstances that impact the health and wellbeing of sex workers.

The SHANTUSI Project research was launched at our inaugural Health and Sex Work Research Symposium in May 2011.