Family and Carer Support

We invite family members and caregivers of our differently abled clients to get involved.

Some of our options include:

  • Join our Family Support Group – Each month, we meet to provide social connections for our clients’ families. Throughout the year, we offer wellness activities for carers, special events and festive lunches to celebrate special occasions.
  • Volunteer with us – Make a positive impact on someone’s life by contributing your time. Keeping connected to our community is another benefit of volunteering. Our disability services, exercise and fitness groups, and Community Visitors Scheme all offer volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please click here.
  • Families and Carers Support programs foster social connection to promote health and wellbeing of the exceptional community of carers who devote themselves to caring for others.
  • The NDIS does not fund these activities. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Enquire now on (03) 8587 0250.