Our Programs – 7 Life Areas

  1. Independent Living Skills

Building capability development for independence and personal wellbeing with activities to improve everyday life skills including gardening, cooking, self-care, communication, shopping, personal hygiene, advocacy, travel, safety etc.

  1. Creative Arts

Performing, therapeutic, and visual arts programs that recognise and enhance your artistic talent. Among the activities are music, dance, drama, fashion, floristry, art and crafts, as well as social and digital media.

  1. Recreation & Leisure

Leisure and recreation programs to identify and cherish your favourite activities, such as a book club, sensory gardens, local markets, bowling, go-karting, basketball, etc.

  1. Social & Relationship Skills

Build meaningful social networks and nurture relationship skills so that you can interact with others and communicate with them more effectively.

  1. Mind, Body, Spirit

You can feel calm, peaceful, and physically fit with our Mind, Body, Spirit programs. Yoga, gym, massage, sensory awareness, swimming, tai-chi, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and dog therapy are all activities that nurture your health and wellbeing.

  1. Pre-work Skills Development

You can develop your abilities with pre-work skill-building activities such as computer and iPad skills, numeracy and literacy skills, and learning to perform time-bound or outcome-based tasks.

  1. Civic & Community Inclusion

To promote a sense of belonging, contribution, and acceptance, these programs include volunteering opportunities, civic duties, publications, and advocacy groups.


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