Bentleigh Services

We offer premier health services across five major locations at BHN. Our compassionate and professional practitioners provide family violence services and counselling in Bentleigh. You can trust BHN when it comes to your health. You should enlist the best services when it comes to your health.

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*Formerly Star Health

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Our Bentleigh location offers the following services:

BHN offers a wide range of mental health services tailored to the needs of the individual. With additional support, referrals, and help for those living with mental illness, we can ensure that you will be on your way to improving your mental health.

With BHN counselling in Bentleigh, you can access support, strategies, and resources that can help you. Our counsellors have specialised training in dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, violence, and abuse as well as alcohol and drug abuse.

It’s important that all parties involved get the help they need when family violence is evident. BHN offers a variety of family violence services in a safe and compassionate environment. All are welcome to use this service.