WorkSafe Support Coordination Program

The WorkSafe Support Coordination program connects long-term injured workers with the services and supports they need to better live the life they want. Injured workers are guided through the process of creating goals that are important for their recovery, and supported to achieve those goals through specialised support coordination and action planning. The 12-month, person-centred program is funded by WorkSafe and is now being delivered across Victoria by support coordinators at Star Health/Better Health Network.

Who is this program for?

Injured workers with complex needs who have been on WorkCover for 52 weeks or more.

The workers’ complex needs may involve varying health concerns or disabilities resulting from mental illness, chronic pain, social issues, unstable housing, financial difficulties, or deteriorating physical health.

What services does the program provide?

Support coordinators identify and address those barriers which may be hindering an injured worker’s recovery. Services provided by support coordinators are varied and may include the following:

  • Completing referrals to health providers and community programs.
  • Assistance with managing appointments, completing necessary forms, and meeting requirements specified by WorkSafe.
  • Providing psychoeducation and building self-management skills.
  • Counselling, advocating, and providing support during meetings (such as meetings with insurance agencies or other health providers).
  • Assistance with completing and submitting NDIS applications.
  • Providing support with navigating the various health and welfare systems (i.e., primary health, private/public health, housing services, family and carer services, Centrelink, etc)

How can injured workers access the right program?

  1. Treating health providers should discuss the program with the injured worker and provide them with the induction pack (see Resources).
  2. The injured worker then completes the consent form in the induction pack.
  3. The treating health provider completes the supplementary information form (see Resources) and sends this to the WorkSafe team at Star Health.
  4. One of the support coordinators will then contact the injured worker. If the worker is deemed suitable for the program, the support coordinator will request a referral from the injured worker’s GP.


Induction pack

Supplementary information form:

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