Early Intervention Psychosocial Support Response

The Early Intervention Psychosocial Support Response (EIPSR) is a 12 month program delivered in partnership with Alfred Mental and Addiction Health by BHN Recovery Practitioners. The program provides support in the community that will assist you on your mental health recovery journey. The program is designed to meet your individual needs so the support provided might look different from person to person but for many, it is about the realisation of goals, and the development of relationships and skills that support a positive life, with or without ongoing mental health difficulties.

You will also have access to our EIPSR Peer Recovery Worker, who can offer connection, understanding and hope for the future, through the sharing of lived experience and exploration of values, strengths and interests.

Who is this program for?

People aged 16 – 64 who live in the Alfred catchment area ​with a psychiatric condition who need assistance to continue to live independently in the community​


What does this program provide?

Short-medium term psychosocial support (up to 12 month) to achieve the following:​

  • Develop and maintain independent living skills, such as cooking or budgeting
  • Improve decision making and problem-solving skills
  • Access the community, for example gym, volunteering, or community groups
  • Have fun and connect with others
  • Improve confidence, self esteem and sense of identity
  • Connection to others, skill building and exploration of interests through the group program
  • If eligible, access the NDIS ​

Consumers have said the following about EIPSR:

  • ‘A launching pad’
  • ‘Flexible and patient’
  • ‘Helped with my loneliness and isolation’
  • ‘EIPSR was less clinical and this is what made so real the leaps and bounds’
  • ‘I felt empowered and positive in myself’
  • ‘I learnt to be less self-critical, focus more on self-care’
  • ‘Giving me a space to vent safely without being thrown into hospital’



Referrals come via Alfred Mental and Addiction Health. Please contact BHN EIPSR coordinator on (132 246)